Why am I a Nashville Wedding Photographer?


Nashville wedding photographer shares her personal journey to what led her to this career. 

My personal journey began in Eighth grade. I received my first camera for Christmas, and the love affair began. I took pictures of everything, and chased the cat
around the living room all day until we both collapsed. I am sure the homemade chocolate candies didn’t help the situation.  I went back to school after Christmas break and brought my camera. I couldn’t hardly contain myself, I was so excited to show my friends. However, the teacher was not a big fan of my camera. After six clicks, she took it away from me for the rest of the day. I felt deflated, sad, and angry — I wanted my camera. That afternoon I was so glad to have it returned, I was just giddy. So, fast forward years later.

In high school, I was involved with any type of event that included photography. I found myself attending school just for the potential photography moments, and not so much for education. I lived and breathed photography, processing film, and planning my journalistic career. These dreams all came to an end when my Grandmother became sick, she had been battling breast cancer for several years. My grandmother was everything to me, and I was always her biggest supporter. As I watched her become weak, sick, and losing the will to live. I began to lose my drive for photography, and I stopped believing in the power of photos.

A year after her death, I finally picked up my faithful camera and developed the roll of film that was left inside for more than a year. As I went to pick up the photos, I had no clue what I about to view. I walked into the camera store, the film assistant waved at me and called me over to him. He told me “Your films are ready my dear.” I was standing in the store anticipating the images, just because I couldn’t remember what was on the films. Little to my surprise, my last roll of film was of my Grandmother alive, healthy, and living life. At this moment, I realized that images bring memories, beauty, and hope. My path was very clear to me, and I thought I will be a photographer. I have always been an overachiever in my life. So, I went on to get a business degree before I embarked on my creative journey.

After college, I went on to take classes at a local art college in Nashville, TN. In 1996, there were limited photography courses. I trained on film cameras, how to develop film, and business. I went on from there to work in commercial photography arenas in Corporate america. Started in customer service as I watched others take photos, that I was able to process. Then I moved up in the company, but I lost the photography aspect of my job. For the next several years, I had a very successful career with major corporations. No matter where my journey has taken me, photography had always been my personal passion. In 2007, I adopted my daughter from China and on this trip, I encountered several weddings. I was amazed with the culture, and the magical atmosphere of each of these ceremonies. Everyday while in China, I took my daughter down to the courtyard to witness these weddings, we must of been staying in a popular wedding area. The more I watched these ceremonies, the more I knew what my future would hold.