Cogan Farms Wedding

Anna + John Cameron


Their small hometown -- located outside of Jackson, TN. Thier town may be small however thier love is so big. Friends and family came from everywhere to celebrate Anna + John Cameron's love on May 30, 2015! The wedding was located at Cogan Farms located in Henderson, TN. The farm was a fun filled venue with great owners and dogs everywhere. 


As I walked into the bridal suite I saw family and friends gathered around Anna as she began to get ready. The sound of love songs filled the air, from this radio station that broadcasted wedding songs and nothing else. John Cameron and the boys were located in an accompanying barn getting themselves organized and just having a great time.  I walked into their area and saw nothing but smiles, laughs and great men.


Their love started a couple of years ago, they had a mutual friend and Anna had asked this friend to introduce them. Well, I love a girl who takes control of a situation. After the friend did not introduce them, she found John Cameron on Facebook and sent him a message. In her own words, the rest is history!






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